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The Falcon & The Winter Soldier Ends With A Whimper

In many ways, the finale of The Falcon & The Winter Soldier, “One World, One People”, was fantastic. It was a spectacle of action. Sam finally took up the mantle of Captain America. World leaders got the chastisement they deserved from a black man. It had high notes throughout. However, on closer inspection, the episode […]

Government & Media Are Not All Evil – We Can Differentiate

Everyone these days loves to vilify the government and media. And there are good reasons for this. With perceived government corruption at an all-time high and fake news a growing concern, it’s hard to trust these institutions. But it’s important to remember that the government and media are not wholly good or evil. Some branches […]

COVID-19: The Worst May Be Behind Us, But Important Lessons Remain

We’ve all been hunkering down for the last month or so. Between the ongoing pandemic and worsening economic outlook, we’ve needed some good news. Luckily, there might now be some. COVID-19’s death rate appears to be on the decline in the United States. While this is certainly welcome information, there are some important takeaways this […]

Censorship: Corroding the “marketplace of ideas” and silencing truth

With the recent revelation that Facebook is censoring not only breastfeeding photos, but also political activists, I wanted to take a moment to discuss censorship — especially as it pertains to social media and business-consumer relations. I think it’s fine to have a “curse filter” to help keep dialogue on your site family friendly, but […]

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