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COVID-19: The Worst May Be Behind Us, But Important Lessons Remain

We’ve all been hunkering down for the last month or so. Between the ongoing pandemic and worsening economic outlook, we’ve needed some good news. Luckily, there might now be some. COVID-19’s death rate appears to be on the decline in the United States. While this is certainly welcome information, there are some important takeaways this […]

Real Courage: What LGBT people and soldiers have in common

Caitlyn Jenner recently won an ESPY award for courage, leading many to argue that the trials and difficulty she faced as an LGBT person weren’t at the level required to qualify as “courageous.” Even before Jenner was in the spotlight, people have been making this argument – saying LGBT are not brave for coming out […]

Counterfeit Lifestyles: The real threat to family isn’t coming from the LGBT community

In the Spring 2015 session of LDS General Conference, church leaders railed against “counterfeit and alternative lifestyles,” upholding marriage between a man and a woman as the one good recipe for raising a family. This has led to backlash from individuals both inside and outside of the LGBT community and organizations like the Human Rights […]

More than a frame of mind: Misconceptions about mental illness

When I discussed misconceptions about drugs and addiction awhile back I brought up mental illness — which can be a factor in drug use. Recent comments I’ve seen and heard made me start thinking of misconceptions people seem to have about mental illness as well. Misconceptions like… …it’s all in your head “Why do you do this to […]

Why You Should Never “Doubt Your Doubts”

“Doubt your doubts” has become a popular refrain – but the statement and its underlying message are dangerously problematic. To put it simply: Doubts are natural, and even healthy – but if left unaddressed or added to, they can become very unhealthy. While there can be a certain amount of healthiness in letting small doubts […]

Drug Abuse and Getting Clean: Common Misconceptions

Nancy Reagan taught us all that drugs are bad. D.A.R.E. programs taught us that users are criminals, they are bad people. No one ever bothered to tell us that the vast majority of them were in need of help from a mental health system that largely doesn’t exist. — DeBie Hive I’ve seen a lot […]

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