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Universal Basic Income: More Freedom, Smaller Government

With a reeling economy and millions out of work, Universal Basic Income (UBI) is an increasingly hot topic. To many in the U.S., the idea of UBI might seem like heresy – antithetical to capitalism and “American values” like hard work, limited government, and individual freedom. However, it’s an idea whose time is approaching, if […]

The Pay Gap Isn’t Just Immoral – It’s Bad For America

McDonald’s CEO, Stephen Easterbrook, is departing the company due to violating company policy. However, he’s not going away empty-handed. The CEO, who made nearly $16 million at McDonald’s in 2018, is getting a generous exit package to the tune of nearly $42 million – and this is on top of over $23 million in stock […]

No Surprise: Workers Suffer While Rich Benefit From Tax Cuts

CBS News recently released a report on how the Tax Cut & Jobs Act is working out six months after its implementation. The basic gist of it is: The rich are continuing to get richer on the backs of their (often overworked) employees. Six months after the Tax Cut and Jobs Act became law, there’s still […]

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