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Response to “What’s Wrong with the LDS Church” – Why Those Who Believe(d) Speak Out

In her post “What’s Wrong with the LDS Church” Fat N’ Fitness blogger Kyli Summerhays has some things to say about misconceptions surrounding The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. While I believe the post is well-intentioned and well thought out, it had its own misconceptions about why people leave or speak out against the church. […]

Counterfeit Lifestyles: The real threat to family isn’t coming from the LGBT community

In the Spring 2015 session of LDS General Conference, church leaders railed against “counterfeit and alternative lifestyles,” upholding marriage between a man and a woman as the one good recipe for raising a family. This has led to backlash from individuals both inside and outside of the LGBT community and organizations like the Human Rights […]

Why You Should Never “Doubt Your Doubts”

“Doubt your doubts” has become a popular refrain – but the statement and its underlying message are dangerously problematic. To put it simply: Doubts are natural, and even healthy – but if left unaddressed or added to, they can become very unhealthy. While there can be a certain amount of healthiness in letting small doubts […]

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