Why are we telling people not to share what they enjoy with us?


I’ve seen an interesting trend lately. Posts bashing posts about workouts or food, or that bash quizzes and Bitstrips — “friends” who bash “friends” who post things they aren’t interested in.

I cannot comprehend this sentiment. A person’s Facebook wall and posts are about that person, not about others. A person comprises their wall with their likes and dislikes, their opinions, their self. 

And just as people are varied, so are posts. So while you may find someone’s posts about exercising, food, politics, or whatever to be annoying or boring — those are the things that person is really into. And even those (silly) quizzes and bitstrips are a way of expressing one’s self — or something someone found humor or enjoyment in and thought others might enjoy.

So the question is: What kind of person are you? Are you the kind of person who supports a “friend” and takes an interest in their life and passions — or at least lets posts you don’t enjoy slide off your back? Or are you the type of person who puts down people for sharing a part of themselves?

And if you’re the latter… You and your “friend” are both probably better off if you just press the “unfriend” button.

Casey has a background in writing and journalism – and is known for his mediation and discussion skills. In his spare time he enjoys absorbing, dissecting and disseminating information — particularly in U.S. politics, religion, technology, science, music, gaming, and pop-­culture.

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